Introduction to Geothermal Energy Systems

Introduction to Geothermal Energy Systems

SPE Young Professionals Energy Series Luncheon
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Young Professionals Luncheon:
Introduction to Geothermal Energy Systems

Date:  Monday, April 16th 2018
Location: The Bow Mountain View Room  Level 54 - 500 Centre St SE, Calgary
Time: 11:30 a.m.(Registration), 12:00 p.m.– 1:00 p.m. (Luncheon)
Speaker: Dr. Daniel Yang, Petroleum Advisor at Shell Canada
Cost:  $10 Early Bird Tickets (Ends April 4th), $15 Regular Priced Tickets


The growth in global energy demand, and the importance of sustainability in energy has led the search for energy sources beyond the hydrocarbons reserves such as petroleum and coal, and onto renewables such as sun, wind, biofuel, and geothermal energy. Geothermal energy uses the heat stored in the Earth to produce sustainable energy, and has many applications around the world. Key to its exploitation is the understanding of the geothermal system. This Energy Series luncheon offers attendees the opportunity to learn about the geothermal energy system, taking a look at: an overview of the different forms of geothermal energy and their applications in the world; the geological settings for a geothermal reservoir; some basic reservoir engineering concepts (and its overlaps with thermal enhanced oil recovery); and how that all comes together in the design of an enhanced geothermal system (EGS) project.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Daniel Yang is Petroleum Advisor at Shell Canada. Holding a PhD in Geophysics from the Technical University of Berlin, Germany, he dedicated 15 years of his oil-industry career to Enhanced Oil Recovery methods, focussing on thermal recovery and originating from 10 years of research in geothermal energy. Daniel worked at Shell International, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. and Laricina Energy Ltd. He holds two patents, was recognized as Subject Matter Expert in Shell, has over 20 publications, recently received a SPE Best Paper Award, and was a guest lecturer at universities in Germany, U.S.A. and Canada. Daniel has recently been a SPE Distinguished Lecturer in the 2017-2018 season, speaking on the topic of “The Value and the Danger of Complex Reservoir Simulations”.

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April 16, 2018
From 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
The Bow Mountain View Room: Level 54 - 500 Centre St SE, Calgary