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20190131 CANCELED: Edge Analytics in Production & Reservoir Optimization

20190131 CANCELED: Edge Analytics in Production & Reservoir Optimization

Data Analytics Breakfast Series
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 Edge Analytics in Production & Reservoir Optimization

Date: Thursday, 31st of January 2019
Speaker: Mario Torre, Consulting Advisor, Halliburton Landmark.
Location: Calgary Petroleum Club 
Time: 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM 

Series Overview:
This series isn’t about the edge of your desk it’s about the edge of your work data universe. Edge computing pushes applications, data and computing power away from head office – away from 10 square blocks of dense fibre optic networks – away from the comfort of a Plus 15 connected office – away from reliable cell service. Data is gathered, devices monitor data streams, and decisions get made on the edge. This is a four-part series exploring different opportunities to use knowledge gained from the edge to further push the limits of our work data universe.

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As digital technologies are emerging, new systems and devices expanding their processing capabilities, and telecommunication networks coverage and bandwidth exploding, the possibilities to offer autonomous, intelligent, real-time, fast-response analytics and actions close to production operations are expanding dramatically. By providing high processing power at production surface level, able to run advanced physical-based and databased models, edge computing is able to diagnose and predict problems, advise and execute corrections in real time to optimize production, reducing costs, minimizing downtime and improve safety and environmental conditions.

Edge computing is aimed to deliver capabilities way beyond the standard, classic surveillance, monitoring, and control. Edge devices are pointing to provide real-time advanced analytics, and ultimately autonomous self-consciousness supervision and control to achieve the production goals.

In this presentation, we will discuss present Edge Analytics system architecture and some case studies in how it Edge devices help in continuous Production & Reservoir Optimization.

Speaker Bio:
Mario Torre is an Industrial Advanced Intelligence Systems Designer, focused on industrial automation and real-time information systems and applications. Electronic Voting Systems Lead Auditor. Electronic Engineer (USB, Caracas, 1984), with a Master Degree on Systems Engineering (USB, Caracas, 2010). Subject Matter Expert on integrated industrial intelligence, autonomous systems, digital oil fields, optimization and automation systems for Oil & Gas and Power Electric Industries. Consultant, solution designer, integrator, and contractor of advanced optimization and automation platforms for 35+ years for most major oil, gas and power utility companies.

Lecturer professor on Real Time Processing, Computer Networks and Computer Architecture courses in Universidad Simón Bolivar, Venezuela, for more than 24 years. Over 15 years’ experience in Electronic Voting Systems. Technical leader of a highly specialized technological team focused on public elections and on advanced electronic voting systems.

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January 31, 2019
From 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM
Calgary Petroleum Club