REPO WEBINAR: Accelerating Field Development; Learning from Field Diagnostics in Stacked Pay Reservoir

REPO WEBINAR: Accelerating Field Development; Learning from Field Diagnostics in Stacked Pay Reservoir

Reservoir Evaluation & Production Optimization
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Accelerating Field Development; Learning from Field Diagnostics in Stacked Pay Reservoir

Date: Tuesday May 26th, 2020
Speaker: Theo van der Werken, Asset Manager @ Birchcliff Energy
Speaker: Mason MacKay Geomechanics Specialist @ Birchcliff Energy
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM 


For an intermediate producer, accelerating the field development strategy is a critical step to realize tangible value. This presentation focuses on how the operational business process of integrating field based trials, physics based modelling, and data science can come together to inform change and optimize design. Numerous diagnostic data-sets were acquired during a stacked multi-layer pad development. These diagnostics were used to assess the underlying physical mechanisms at the cluster, well and pad scales. A detailed look into diagnostic agreement, cluster behavior, hydraulic fracture complexity, stress shadowing and depletion is presented. Through the identification of the key physical drivers during hydraulic fracture growth, field development design was further optimized on subsequent pads.

Speaker Bio:

Theo van der Werken is the Asset Manager at Birchcliff Energy, responsible for the development of their Montney unconventional reservoir. With a career spanning reservoir, drilling, facilities and production, Theo has driven innovation across the energy value chain. Implementing data analytics, new technology and a high-performing culture, Theo and his team at Birchcliff have realized significant growth and value in the Canadian energy industry. Theo is a Dutch born and raised citizen where he graduated with an Msc in Mining Engineering, from the Technical University in Delft, Holland (TUD). His career has been diverse with international postings in Africa, Middle East and Houston both on the service sector as well as the operator side. Theo has published several SPE papers and holds a MBA at the University of Calgary in the Global Energy Executive MBA program

Mason MacKay is a geomechanics specialist with Birchcliff Energy. He graduated with a geological engineering degree from Queen’s University and then spent time working in mining geomechanics. Subsequently, he transitioned into Oil and Gas with a role at a micro-seismic service company. It was in this role that he observed the complex nature of hydraulic fracture growth that led him to delve into understanding this behavior at a deeper level through his PhD research at the University of Calgary. Mason enjoys using outcrop analogs to assist in understanding the complex subsurface interactions that occur during hydraulic fracture stimulation.

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May 26, 2020
From 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM