Postponing COVID 19 New High Resolution Acoustic-Based Imaging for Wells

Postponing COVID 19 New High Resolution Acoustic-Based Imaging for Wells

SPE / ICoTA Event
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SPE / ICoTA Event:
 New High Resolution Acoustic-Based Imaging for Wells

Date: Tuesday, 12th of May 2020
Speaker: Stephen Robinson, CEO
@ DarkVision
Location: Calgary Petroleum Club
Time: 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM 
Members: $40, Non-Members: $55, Student Member: $15


DarkVision in a Canadian-based technology company that has developed a new type of high-resolution acoustic-based imaging technology for high fidelity imaging in wells through opaque fluids. The technology uses a solid-state imaging head with up to 512 individual transducers to capture high-resolution images in a continuous 360-degree view of the wellbore. High frequency sound waves are sent out and electronically focused and controlled to provide sub-millimetric levels of resolution and detail for wellbores. The technology can provide very high-resolution scans of the inside and outside of the casing. The technology has a wide variety of applications in new and existing wells including evaluating casing corrosion, erosion, sliding sleeve evaluation, wellhead inspection, perforation erosion measurements, leaking connections, stuck objects, cracks and many other downhole problems. 

The device can scan an up to a 30,000ft lateral well regardless of wellbore fluid clarity, producing a detailed 3D map of the wellbore and all its contents. The technology collects a massive amount of data, pulling in data on the front end at 41Gb/s and storing and processing this data in real time.

The technology is use as a replacement to low-resolution legacy diagnostics technologies including calipers, magnetic, sonic and lead impression blocks. The technology is now also used instead of cameras, as it does not require pristine fluid conditions to “see” downhole. The high-resolution view of inside and outside the casing along with being wellbore fluid agnostic opens up several new applications not previously possible with downhole logging tools.

32 different operators are now using this technology in their wells across North America. A wide variety of different applications and field results will be shown to demonstrate what the technology can be used for. A popular application recently has been to use the technology for detailed perforation erosion analysis and measurement. A detailed dive into the company’s recently SPE paper that it co-authored with Encana, Jagged Peak and Petronas will be provided.

Speaker Bio:

Stephen Robinson is the CEO of DarkVision Technologies. DarkVision has developed a new type of high-resolution acoustic-based imaging technology for inspecting and diagnosing problems in wells. He is an engineer by training with a background in Electro-Mechanical Engineering, graduating from UBC’s Mechatronics engineering program in 2005. Robinson started his first industrial imaging tech company called ClearVision during his last year of University. The company went on to win many industry awards and built an array of optical-based imaging technologies that would eventually become the de-facto standard for quality control assurance in the packaging sector. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, DarkVision is on a similar path of growth and success – the company recently won the ICoTA Innovator of the Year award in fall 2019, The New Ventures BC Award for the top high-tech start-up in BC with the most potential, and was just featured on the from cover of JPT’s January 2020 issue.

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May 12, 2020
From 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Calgary Petroleum Club