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Webinar Download The Finance You Need to Know

Webinar Download The Finance You Need to Know

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Educational Support:

The Finance You Need to Know

Speaker: Zachary Kahn, Engineering & Computer Science Grad 2020 Compound Confidence

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This webinar is created for Students interested in taking control of their finances. There is a lot of noise about what you should be doing with your money and how you should be investing it. Rather than trying to be convinced, how about learning to make decisions for yourself that make sense to you?

That is the goal of the personal-finance workshop being run by Zachary Kahn. It will cover the following topics:

  1. Techniques to track your investment behaviour to constantly make better decisions (thank billionaire Ray Dalio for this).
  2. Best tools for tracking and minimizing your expenses (reduce your expenses by 10+% per month).
  3. Visual examples (with free templates to download) of how minimizing your expenses used with investing can grow your wealth exponentially over long periods.
  4. The registered accounts you could be maximizing now to make more with the money you invest (Hint: TFSA, RRSP can save you thousands of dollars per year).

Of course, this is not everything you need to know, but it’s a jump start to provide you with new information (or perhaps is a nice reminder) of what you can do now to make sure you set yourself up for the life you want.

Speaker Bio:

Zachary Kahn, is a recent graduate of U of C, where he completed a combined degree in Chemical Engineering and Computer Science. He completed the internship program and worked in the Canadian energy industry at a major E&P and in the North American tech industry. Upon graduation, he was recruited by Google as a new graduate Software Engineer. Zack has a passion for helping people understand the mechanisms to establish financial independence by doing what they love. He is the co-founder of Compound Confidence, which is an education platform that helps people grow their skills and confidence to become financially free.

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