20200630 Untapped Energy DUC Datathon

20200630 Untapped Energy DUC Datathon

Data Analytics
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Data Analytics:
Untapped Energy DUC Datathon

A BIG Congratulations to our 2020 DUC Datathon Winners!!

IT-IQ Grand Prize:

The winning team is: Mighty DUC Hunters:

  • Anthony Akhigbe 
  • Dapo Awolayo 
  • Lahcene Kahbour 
  • Jeremy Zhao 
  • Adam Elnahas 
  • Christopher Liu 
  • Qian Gao 


Cartofact People's Choice Award

The winning team is: Data Conquerors:

  • Ijeoma Odoko 
  • Alejandro Coy 
  • Korang Modaressi 
  • Gabriel Garcia 
  • Mohammed Alaudding 


Best Visualization Using TIBCO Spotfire Competition

Winner: Dean Udsen


Best Visualization Using Tableau Competition

Winner: LSA Analytix:

  • Sahar Gargary 
  • Dave Buckley 
  • Lida Goldchteine


DataCamp Learning Competition

Winner: Jingwen Belinda Huang 



SPE Member: 
$40, SPE Student Member: $10
SPE Member Unemployed:
$10, Non- Member: $50

**If you do not have an account on our registration website please create a free account when asked to login, no membership required**

Dates & Times:

August 1-16th : Competition
Sunday August 23rd 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Over 13 bootcamps designed to prepare participants to compete in the Data Competition
Here is a current list of all the recorded bootcamps you will have access to!

  1. Intro to R
  2. Intro to Python
  3. Foundations Using R 
  4. Spotfire
  5. Intro to Pandas & Numpy 
  6. Cartofact 
  7. Data Munging Using R 
  8. Spotfire 2 
  9. Cartofact Follow Up 
  10. Intermediate Spotfire 
  11. Tableau 
  12. EDA & Feature Engineering Using R 
  13. EDA & Feature Engineering Using Python


Drilled but Uncompleted Wells’ - DUCs - are a big deal for controlling the supply and demand of oil & gas, and are often the subject of intense discussion and controversy. The SPE Calgary Data Science Engineering Analytics (DSEA) SIG has teamed up with ‘Untapped Energy’ to bring you a large industry dataset which may hold solutions to important DUC issues. This promises to be the data science experience of the summer!

Joining this datathon will bringing you a:

  • great energy industry dataset
  • series of data science bootcamps for you to hone your data science skills
  • datathon competition to test and prove your skills
  • opportunities to meet and work with fellow data enthusiasts to solve real-world problems
  • series of great prizes

After the kick-off event on June 30th, July will bring a series bootcamps for you to hone your data skills and get experience with the dataset before the competition in August. There will be opportunities to learn new skills with open source programming languages R & Python, and to learn new technologies from data platform providers.

Perks of being a part of our competition!

We are so lucky to have such amazing partners in our datathon that have offered to provide some unbeatable perks for our participants. 

DataCamp: Access to DataCamp online learning platform for the duration of the Datathon. The Trial License
includes access to all of the content on DataCamp except Tableau, Oracle SQL and Power BI which is 330+ courses.

 for the duration of the Datathon

Tibco Spotfire:
free use of Tibco Spotfire for the duration of the competition - Student members will receive a free year

 participants will receive the free use of Tableau for the duration of the Datathon! 

You will also have access to Cartofact, a power GIS application, for the duration of the Datathon. 

Thanks to our generous sponsors we have some pretty incredible prizes coming your way!

Learning Competition sponsored by DataCamp: one-year DataCamp PREMIUM subscription


Data Competition grand prize sponsored by IT-IQ: $1,000 and an exclusive meeting with Evan Ferguson, founder and CEO of Quantifi, a machine learning based credit adjudication platform looking to hire data talent


Data Competition People’s Choice Award sponsored by Cartofact: $500


Best Visualizations Using Spotfire: Bose Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones


Untapped Energy,

‘Untapped Energy’ is a not-for-profit, grassroots-led community with representation from industry, government, academia and the broader public, seeking to collectively solve problems and generate innovation for the Canadian energy industry using data science and analytics.



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