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Unlocking Light & Tight Oil: Exploring Its Past, Present, & Future

Date: Tuesday June 23rd, 2020

Speaker: Petro Nakutnyy, Saskatchewan Research Council 
Speaker: Behrooz Hosseini, PhD. Senior Reservoir Engineer, Saskatchewan Research Council 

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Light and tight oil production in North America has increased dramatically since 2005, mainly due to the advancements in horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracking technologies. Production from tight reservoirs now constitutes a significant part of the overall oil production in the U.S. and Canada. However, production declines rapidly from usually a high initial rate for newly drilled wells, and primary recovery factors usually do not exceed 5 to 15 per cent of the initial oil in place. This is mostly due to the low permeability of the formations and reduction in fracture conductivity over time. Overall production is sustained through an active drilling program, which is becoming more difficult to maintain as we move into the lower quality parts of tight oil reservoirs.

In this webinar, we will discuss the future of light oil production and review the promising technologies that have the potential to slow down the initial production decline and improve the recovery factors from tight oil formations. Retaining the fracture conductivity post fracking is an important factor for improved recovery from fracked wells. We will discuss a workflow for optimizing frack parameters for each well, both for primary production and for subsequent enhanced oil recovery applications. We will then review various enhanced oil recovery techniques and their potential in tight oil formations.

Speaker Bio:

Petro Nakutnyy, manages the Saskatchewan Research Council’s (SRC) Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Processes Business Unit. His major technical responsibility is to conduct applied research and development of EOR processes and laboratory engineering design for the petroleum and in-situ mining projects. Petro’s team encompasses nearly three decades of experience and expertise in gas and chemical in-situ recovery solutions. Petro holds a Master of Applied Science degree in petroleum engineering and is a registered professional engineer with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan


Behrooz K-Hosseini, PhD, is a Senior Reservoir Engineer, EOR Processes, in the Energy Division at SRC. He has an undergraduate degree in Petroleum Engineering and a Master of Science in Reservoir Engineering and hydrodynamics from, National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine (School of Geology) in France as an international merit TOTAL E&P scholar where he was founder and president of SPE chapter in University of Lorraine. Behrooz is a registered professional engineer and holds a PhD with specialization in Petroleum Geomechanics from the University of Alberta. He has worked in different areas related to petroleum & reservoir geomechanics, reservoir simulation, numerical code development and EOR processes.

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