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Webinar Download "The New Reality of Work for Oil & Gas Professionals in Alberta: Managing your career in the time of COVID-19"

Webinar Download "The New Reality of Work for Oil & Gas Professionals in Alberta: Managing your career in the time of COVID-19"

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The New Reality of Work for Oil & Gas Professionals in Alberta:
Managing your career in the time of COVID-19

Date: Thursday Oct 28th, 2020

Jackie Rafter, President & Founder, Higher Landing Inc
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Learn how to manage your career after the twin shocks of the oil & gas crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. This webinar will be especially helpful if you are an SPE member grappling with career uncertainty, struggling to find work, want to change careers or just curious to know what’s ahead.


In this webinar, Jackie Rafter, President and CEO of Higher Landing, Inc. will address how career management and job search has changed forever in Alberta for O&G professionals and how to take control of your career during the pandemic.  You will learn:

  • What has changed since COVID-19
  • What’s ahead for Alberta’s energy economy and job market
  • How to build a career that’s aligned to the new reality of work in Alberta
  • The importance of knowing your value
  • A model for building an effective personal career brand
  • Top in-demand skills and jobs of 2020 and beyond
  • How to land a purposeful job in a competitive market
  • How to thrive in the post-COVID-19 economy


The webinar is derived from Higher Landing’s proprietary Career Transition and Transformation program, which has been used to help over 2,000 Albertans pivot their careers and ‘land higher’ since the oil & gas crisis hit Alberta in 2015.

Speaker Bio:

Jackie Rafter, MBA
Founder, President & CEO, Higher Landing Inc.

Jackie Rafter Jackie is a visionary career transformation strategist, educator, and entrepreneur with a passion for helping people discover and live their purpose. As Founder, President & CEO of Higher Landing, Jackie helps professionals, executives and globally-known athletes to transition and transform their careers. The proprietary Career Transformation methodology she has pioneered at Higher Landing is being broadly adopted across professions, particularly in the oil & gas industries as it experiences disruptive change.

A born-and-raised Calgarian, Jackie is a passionate change agent who believes deeply in the ability of people to tap into their potential. She is particularly focused on helping people reinvent, brand and package themselves to take advantage of massive systemic changes taking place in job search and career management. She has taught at the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary and regularly appears in various media as an expert and thought leader on the professional market and the career transformation strategies necessary to thrive in it.

Previous to starting Higher Landing, Jackie founded two successful executive search firms, including Quaderra, founded Canada’s first publicly traded company with an all-female Board of Directors, Roxi Capital (now trading as Plastifab Corp. - PFB.TSX) and was a founder of Anorak Capital (now trading as Total Energy Services TOT.TSX).

Jackie holds dual degrees from the University of Calgary with an MBA and Bachelor of Education (French) and is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She is a champion of helping people live healthy and authentic lives and enjoys travel and running long distance. She has worked in five countries around the world, including Monaco, the UK, Switzerland and South Africa..


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