20210212 Data Science 101

20210212 Data Science 101

SPE Young Professionals Lunch & Learn
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SPE Young Professionals Present:
Data Science 101

Date: February 12th, 2021
Speaker: Roman Shor 
Assistant Professor and Associate Head - Undergraduate Studies
Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Calgary
Location: Webinar
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM 
Ticket: Free 


Data science is a viral topic that is changing the way we work: data is piling up and Excel no longer seems to the tool of choice, so what can we do? In this presentation, Roman will define what data science is and how the topic is not just a single tool but a collection of tools and techniques which allow people to decipher data more effectively than the past. Data science is comprised of statistics, programming, data analysis, and visualization and Roman will explain how these interrelate through a series of examples using Python. Join us to learn the basics of data science over your lunch hour!

Speaker Bio:

Roman Shor, PhD, is an Assistant Professor and Associate Head (Undergraduate Studies) in the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering of the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary. He holds a BA in mathematics and a BSE and MSE in computer science from the University of Pennsylvania and an MSE and PhD in petroleum engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Roman is the lead investigator at the Drilling Research Laboratory and his research interests lie in the areas of drillstring dynamics modelling and control, drilling optimization, drilling systems automation and the applications of machine learning. Roman currently serves as the Director of Technical Programs for the SPE Calgary Section.

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February 12, 2021
From 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM