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20210407 2021 Quarantine Olympics

20210407 2021 Quarantine Olympics

Young Professionals
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Young Professionals:
2021 Quarantine Olympics

Date: Wednesday April 7th 
Location: Zoom
A link will be sent to your preferred email before the event
Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM MST
SPE Member: $15 Non- Member: $20

About the Event:

Inspired by the Olympics but with a twist! Our Quarantine Olympics will be the best entertainment activity from the comfort of your home. The goal of this event is to bring people together in a fun way, increase social connectivity and community, and to show that we can still have fun virtually. Your teams will battle it out against each other in a series of games until we have a winner, so make sure to bring your A-game!

Be prepared for Quarantine Olympics!

What to do before your game:

1. Have a Zoom Account.
        a. This game uses the platform Zoom to connect you all and host your games. You will need the application downloaded to your device to be able to access all standard features used in this game.

2. Ensure you have a working microphone connected to your device
        a. This game has been designed to require video to play, which means it will rely on both audio and video, lower quality microphones will make it difficult to play.

3. Be ready for the types of games you will be playing.
        a. Short description of each game is listed below. (Don’t worry too much if you don’t get them all! We will have an intro to each game before playing.)

Game Descriptions:
1. Sudden Death Challenges: These are challenges that no team or player can be ready for, so no need to prepare anything! Our Game Masters will pose a challenge to your group, something like “first person to make a paper airplane and launch it” and the first team/person to complete the challenge will win some points for their team!

2. Last Letter: Your Host will cycle through a series of game cards – your job is to come up with a word that you clearly see represented on that card. What you can’t do is assign arbitrary values to the picture – so you can’t point at a boy and say “Jonathan”, or point at a girl and say “bored”. Also, answers have to be cohesive if they are multiple words. Ice Cream Scoop is allowed, but Extremely Old Man is not allowed - no arbitrary adjectives.
Once a word is said, it can’t be used anymore for the rest of the game. The next word, like the name of the game suggests, has to start with the last letter of the previous word. If you chain a new word onto the last person’s word, you steal all the points for that round. When you start playing, everyone is going to be yelling out words, trying to keep it going for as long as possible, getting 1 extra point every time someone adds a word to the chain. Say for example the first picture could start with BURST, this could then go to- TEDDY BEAR - RED – DINOSAUR – REPTILE - EXHIBITS – SLINKY. If no one comes up with another word after SLINKY, that player gets 7 points for their team. You can earn a max of 20 points per card, so once you’ve hit the cap its sudden death till no one can think of anything else!

3. Family Feud: (It is important to know your player number for this game): We’ve surveyed 100 strangers with some silly questions, like “What’s your favorite junk food?”. It’s your job to guess the top answers, like “Chips”, “Fries” or “Popcorn”. However, we’ll be playing a fast-paced variation of the game. We will be alternating back and forth between teams, cycling between players. So team A player 1, then team B player 1, then team A player 2, then team B player 2, and so on. Make sure you know your team name and player number. There is a strict 10-second timer for your guess. We’ll keep going until all answers have been correctly guessed or both teams make three incorrect guesses or times out and loses.

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April 7, 2021
From 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM