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20210424 April Run Challenge

20210424 April Run Challenge

Young Professionals
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Young Professionals:
April Run Challenge


April 17th 2:00 - 4:00 PM 
April 24th 2:00 - 4:00 PM
Prince’s Island Park - 698 Eau Claire Ave SW

Cost: $5
beverage + small prize for 1st place
Max capacity: 10 People Per Event
(Outside and Socially-Distanced at All Times)

 COVID-19 Statement:
This event has a capacity of 10 persons due to the current Alberta Public Health Orders. We will continue to monitor these restrictions and update the capacity as the new advisories allow.


<10km April Challenge Run>

We are committed to providing value to our members in hosting our events within provincial health and safety guidelines. At time of registration, this event follows all current Public Health Orders. Due to the changing provincial guidelines, details of the event may be changed or modified to abide with all covid policies and restrictions.

All current provincial guidelines and policies must be followed by all participants. There will be a screening questionnaire and waiver sent out 48 hours prior to the event to acknowledge Covid-19 policies.

Have you joined our Strava Club yet!?
Head over to our Strava Club here and join in on the fun. Don't have a Strava account? No problem it is free to create a profile and you can download the app. Remember if it's not on Strava... did it actually happen?

Covid-19 Cancellation Policy:

A cap is placed on registration for <10> in accordance to the current provincial guidelines.

Cancellations will be issued if:

  1. Individuals have a mandated self-isolation
    2. Participant does not successfully pass the screening questions.
    3. Provincial guidelines change prohibiting the activity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Will there be any organized activities?

We will meet near Eau Claire for the event start. Once all registrants are there, we will start the 10 km run, recording the run on Strava. We will meet at the end of the race, at the same meeting point, after every participant has finished the run. We will thank everyone for joining and have a small chat at the end before saying goodbye (from a safe distance, of course!)

2. What are you doing to ensure participants are social distancing and following covid-19 protocols?

All participants must maintain the minimum recommended 2 meters social distance to ensure a safe event. No more than 10 people will be allowed to join each event date. The run will be a contactless activity. Every participant will have to submit a health check prior to joining the event. Since the event will take place outside, participants do not have to wear a mask, but they can do so if they prefer.

3. What precautions are you taking to ensure this event complies with COVID-19 restrictions?

A COVID-19 health checklist will be sent prior to the event, along with Alberta COVID-19 restrictions for reference.


For the latest provincial guidelines for Alberta, please visit: 


For more information, questions or concerns, please contact calgarysection@spe.org

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Prince’s Island Park - 698 Eau Claire Ave SW